PROXIDEA is an entrepreneurial advisory network.
PROXIDEA is an entrepreneurial advisory network.

«At the heart of an intelligent Entrepreneurial Design it is innovation that creates impact, values and fun»



Cultivate the right Innovation Culture

Challenging the status quo, inviting holisitc views and new perspectives, conscious experiments, constant adaption and iteration.


Solid growth with Entrepreneurial Design

Anticipating turning points in the markets, preparing the company culture for growth and change, effective leadership by inspiration, invitation and empowerment. 


Build Ventures with Impact

Combining innovation culture and entrepreneurial design to create and shape business models to maximise impact.



Startups, Impact Entrepreneurs and Incubators 

Developing niche markets, balancing impact and business, building a sustainable and value-driven organisation


Impact Investors

Providing access to impact ventures, identifying and evaluating target investments, connecting to incubator programs


Mid-sized Enterprises

Revitalising innovation culture by intrapreneurship models, developing and launching of new markets and products, guiding foreign companies into the German market

Experiences / Roles



In-depth experience in leading green field and innovation projects in financial services and social entrepreneurship


International working experience, very good sense for cultural differences (Germanophonic, Scandinavian,
Anglo-Saxon and Francophonic culture)

References available on request



Interim Management in startups, young companies

Business Transformation Manager

Founder's Mentor





Applied Methodologies


Entrepreneurial Design: from idea to intelligent concept, find and exploit the niche, applying blue ocean strategy


User-Centered Thinking: putting users and value creation first, function instead of convention


Conscious Experimentation: controlled tests, rapid prototyping and pilot design


Agile Organisation: shaping leadership mindset, leading in the «fog», learning and achieving together