Innovation Facilitation & Executive Coaching for Startups and Organisations.

We believe 

Developing human-centric innovations with a tangible impact to solve today's challenges.


We are driven by

Creating value and making values tangible. With Entrepreneurial Spirit.


We are

Highly experienced entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and experts.

What we do 

In close collaboration with our clients, we lay out the relevant business terrain and create insights & options to turn ideas into human-centric products and services. 


We empower people to achieve sustainable success by developing clear solutions with a tangible impact. Fitting the market and coherent with the team and organisation.


We apply proven innovation methods in a scientific way: understanding the problem to solve, rapid prototyping, scenario roadmapping and lean execution and iteration.


We are not blind tooligans. Our methods and formats are always tailor-made to its context and purpose.


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